Our Mission

"Nothing is achieved without hard work"

To create a community of empowered learners in an atmosphere of mutual respect and trust where students will be inspired and challenged holistically to learn, grow and attain intellectual, social, personal, vocational, spiritual, moral and physical goals.

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Our Vision

"Nothing is achieved without hard work"

A student centered, empowering, performance driven and holistic learning experience that prepares students to become leaders in an increasingly complex world and global society.

Core Values of a Yorkist

That our students should be challenged holistically to achieve their academic goals and relevant life skills.

Family, school, and community should collaborate to provide opportunities to enhance student achievement and performance.

Effective learning takes place in a safe, caring and disciplined environment.

Character development ( courage, respect, tolerance, responsibility, citizenship, fairness, justice) is an essential component of effective education.

Some of the major tenets of the school’s curriculum should include social, spiritual, emotional, intellectual, physical and aesthetic values.

Students should be empowered with problem solving, critical thinking, and effective communication skills to
enable them to function effectively in a fiercely competitive global environment.